Historical background

Nepal and the Republic of France established diplomatic relations on April 20, 1949. Late. Gen. Shanker Shamsher was the first non residential Nepalese Ambassador to France. He was accredited on 17 November 1949 from London. The Nepalese Embassy in Paris was established in 1967. The first residential Nepalese Ambassador to France was Late. Mr. Shaardul Shumsher Rana, who was accredited on 16 November 1967 and recalled on 6 March 1972.

The Embassy of Nepal in Paris is accredited to Portugal, Andorra and Monaco.

Objectives of the Embassy:

  • To strengthen co-operation with France in ways that advance Nepal's interests and contribute to her economic development,
  • To foster public understanding of Government of Nepal's policies and Project a positive image of Nepal in French,
  • To contribute to growth in Nepal's economy, through tourism, trade and Investment promotion and
  • To assist Government of Nepal officials and private sector and Nepalese Travelers and residents in France.
  • Apart from maintaining diplomatic relations with the host government and representing Nepal in various events in France, the Embassy of Nepal is also engaged in many other activities to promote Nepal's interest in France such as organizing or participating in various trade, tourism and cultural events.
  • Our regular operations include issuance of passports to Nepalese nationals, taking care of other consular matters and issuance of visa to French and other foreigners.

Nepalese Ambassadors to the Republic of France



 Date of accreditation

 Date of recall


 Gen. Shanker Shamsher

 17 Nov. 1949

 accredited from London


 H.E. Shardul Shumsher Rana

 16 Nov. 1967

 6 March 1972


 H.E. Bal Chandra Sharma

 5 April 1972

 10 Sept. 1975


 H.E. Dr. Trailokya Nath Upraity

 24 October 1975



 H.E. Mr. Krishna Raj Aryal

 3 April 1980



 H. E. Mr. Dilli Raj Uprety

 18 December 1984



 H.E. Kalyana Bikram Adhikari

 21 September 1990



 H.E. Keshav Raj Jha

 24 March 1993

 31 December 1997


 H.E. Indra Bahadur Singh

 10 February 1998

 23 April 2003


 H.E. Prajwalla Shumsher JB Rana

 30 September 2005

 21 June 2006


 H.E. Mr. Mohan Krishna Shrestha

 2 July 2010

 16 August 2014


 H.E. Mrs. Ambika Devi Luintel

 29 January 2015

 28 February 2019


 H.E. Mr. Dipak Adhikari  05 April 2019  


Deputy Chief of Mission

  1. Mr. Mukund Dhungel
  2. Mr. Sundarnath Bhattarai
  3. Mr. kumar Gyawali
  4. Mr. Indra Bahadur singh
  5. Mr. Narayan Das Shrestha
  6. Mr. Narayan Shumsher Thapa
  7. Mr. Rambhakta Thakur
  8. Mr. Janak Bahadur Singh
  9. Mr. Shyamanand Suman
  10. Mr. Tej Prasad Koirala
  11. Mr. Mr. Basant Bidari
  12. Mr. Niranjanman Singh Basnet
  13. Mr. Arun Prasad Dhital
  14. Mr. Jiban Prakash Shrestha
  15. Mr. Ram Babu Dhakal
  16. Mr. Lekha Nath Bhattarai
  17. Mr. Khadga Prasad Dahal

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Presentation of the Letter of Credence to H.E. Mme. Irina Bokova, DG, UNESCO Presentation of the Letter of Credence to H.E. Mme. Irina Bokova, DG, UNESCO
Inauguration program of the International Women's Day Exhibition Inauguration program of the International Women's Day Exhibition
Interaction Program Interaction Program
Nepal Day Nepal Day

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